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Your Top Questions About Energy-Efficient Windows Answered

By using energy-efficient materials for your windows, you can maintain a comfortable environment without breaking the bank on your utility bills. Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares some of the common questions about energy-efficient windows.

What Is an Energy-Efficient Window?

Energy-efficient windows are designed to minimize artificial cooling or heating in a building by blocking heat from coming in or keeping heat inside.

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient? 

Glass- To make a window energy-efficient, the glass can be modified to allow sunlight to come in while blocking heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Window replacement experts say this can be achieved through different means like coating a layer of materials on the glass as in the case of Low-E glass, or by double glazing windows wherein two panes of glass are used and the space between them is filled with an inert gas like argon to increase the window’s resistance to energy transfer.

Frame– Using a window frame that blocks thermal transfer is another way to increase a window’s energy-efficiency.

Weather Seal– Good window weather seals can prevent hot and cool air from escaping the gaps around the sashes and frames.

What Is Low-E glass?

Low-E, or low-emissivity glass, is a type of glass that is coated with a microscopically thin, and virtually invisible metal or metallic oxide layer deposited directly on the surface of the glass that reduces the transmission of ultraviolet radiation from outside to inside the home.

How Does Renewal by Andersen Give You Energy Savings?

The company uses energy-efficient design and materials for their widows, such as Low-E glass, which is more efficient compared to regular dual-pane glass. Renewal by Andersen windows also feature Fibrex® frames that blocks thermal transfer nearly 700-times more than aluminum. It also custom-fits the windows to ensure a durable, weather-tight seal.

If you are in need of specialty windows, you can rely on Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. Call us now at (631) 843-1713 or fill out our contact form. We serve clients in Huntington and nearby areas.


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