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Window Treatments to Help You Sleep Soundly

Many of us have experienced not falling or not staying asleep at night. You may have a clean bill of health, have cut back on drinking coffee and have replaced your mattress and pillows with new ones. Still, the problem persists. Waking up feeling tired is not good, and it could be because your bedroom windows don’t have the right treatments installed.

Window Treatments to Help You Sleep Soundly

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, your local source of windows and patio doors, shares the various window treatments you can install in your bedroom to help you sleep soundly.

Roller Shades

This window treatment is one of the easiest and most economical when it comes to blocking the glare of the full moon and early sunrise. Its simple design allows it to fit into the window frame right away. However, some of the light coming from the outside can bounce off the sides.

Cellular Shades

Also known as cell shades, this consists of honeycomb patterns resembling beehives. Not only is it effective in keeping off light from a nearby lamp post or the moon, but it also adds a crisp, modern look to your room. It can have sidetracks to prevent light from leaking around the edges.


Arguably the most common type of window treatment, drapes are made of heavy fabric that can cover an entire window to block out light completely. Acting as blankets to enclose the room and make it dark at nighttime, it can also act as insulation to allow for sound, comfortable sleep. Drapes can even be used as a decorative accent to French doors while also limiting the amount of light entering your home.

Choosing Your Windows

These window treatments are not the only ones you should take into account when you want to achieve the necessary hours of sleep. Maintaining the optimal temperature and minimizing outside noise are also important, which is why you should consider investing in replacement windows offered by Renewal by Andersen®.

They enhance your home’s energy efficiency by preventing heat from escaping or entering during winter and summer, respectively. They are also constructed in such a way that loud noises coming from the outside are drastically reduced.

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