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Why You Should Think Twice About Buying Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is considered today’s most popular window replacement option, mainly due to its low maintenance properties and relatively affordable price point. But vinyl windows are far from perfect, and they’re not your only choice. In today’s post, replacement windows company Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares the most common problems inherent to vinyl windows.

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Vulnerability to Thermal Expansion and Contraction

All substances are subject to thermal expansion and contraction, which is caused by exposure to changes in temperature. Plastics such as vinyl are vulnerable to it, which is why they’re prone to warping during hot seasons, and can become brittle during cold seasons. Warped windows can become very difficult to operate. In extreme cases, warped vinyl sashes become fused with their frames.

Another effect of thermal expansion and contraction is the gaps that form between sash and frame. Vinyl, the window seals and weatherstripping have different expansion and contraction rates. When exposed to temperature extremes, they tend to separate, resulting in window seal failure. In comparison, our Fibrex® material frames—standard on every windows installation that we do—are more stable, which makes them less susceptible to warping and seal failure.

Vinyl Windows Can Be Installed by Anyone

Vinyl windows can be purchased off-the-rack and be installed by anyone, from DIYers to professional contractors. The problem with this is, you’d be rolling the dice on installation quality depending on who you choose to install your windows. Installation errors can result in leaks, along with sashes that are hard to open and close, or won’t stay in the same position. Replacement windows that are crafted to exact specifications, installed by a trained professional, and with warranted workmanship can give you better value and reliable long-term performance than vinyl windows.

Smaller Viewing Areas

Vinyl needs to be made at a certain thickness in order to support the weight of window glass, which is why most vinyl windows have thick frames and sashes. This results in smaller viewing areas. It may sound like a small thing, but you can see the difference for yourself when you remove the window sashes or open them all the way. Alternatively, our Fibrex frames are much stronger than vinyl, which lets us craft slimmer frames without sacrificing structural integrity, giving you better views and more natural lighting.

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