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When Should You Choose Sliding Windows?

Many homeowners choose sliding windows for different reasons, but we have yet to see one of them regretting their decision and wanting a different window style. If you’re trying to decide if they’re right for you, read on as Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares when you should choose sliding windows.

When You Need to Save Space

Sliding windows are ideal for parts of the house where hinged or projecting windows won’t physically fit, such as exterior walls that are adjacent to footpaths, or are too close to landscaping. This feature affords more flexibility with decor and furniture placement, as you don’t have to worry about the space needed for windows to swing open.

When You Want Bigger Windows

Combining two smaller windows is one of the most popular windows installation options that doesn’t require major modifications to the exterior wall. Many homeowners are concerned about oversized operable windows because of the weight of the sashes, but this is where sliding windows are best. The weight of their sashes rest on the bottom part of the frame, providing structural support that allows bigger window sizes without compromising ease of use.

When You Need Easy to Operate Windows

Sliding windows can be closed and opened with one hand. This makes it the ideal window style for occupants who may have difficulty lifting a window sash or turning a hand crank. To facilitate easy operation, you need to make sure that you choose sliding windows that are made with materials that do not swell, warp or crack when exposed to extreme temperatures. Our exclusive Fibrex® material fits the bill, thanks to its unique combination of polymer and wood fibers.

When You’re Tired of Cleaning Your Old Windows

To ensure easy operation, the sliding window tracks need to be cleaned periodically. Traditional sliding windows can be difficult to clean, especially if the sashes are not designed to be removed. Fortunately, Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are designed for easy cleaning. Our sliding windows feature removable sashes that give you unhindered access to the window frames, as well as let you clean the sashes on a flat surface. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass features an exterior metal oxide coating that removes up to 99% of water spots.

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