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What Goes Into the Cost of a Replacement Window?

Like other home features, windows are prone to wear and tear. Location, weather conditions and seasonal maintenance are among the numerous factors that contribute to the deterioration of your home windows. For these reasons, a lot of homeowners may find it necessary to install replacement windows from time to time. But what usually goes into the total cost of a new window? Here are some things to consider:


Labor makes up for a great percentage of your total replacement costs. This generally includes inspection, material preparation, installation and repairs that may need to be done. Keep in mind that quality service is often cost-effective. It takes stringent training and sufficient knowledge to expertly install a window unit that will last you for a long time.

Glass Type

There are plenty of available glass types on the market and they all come in different price points. For instance, the double-pane feature is the standard for energy-efficient window installation, meaning that it offers more benefits than regular single-paned windows. It is the better choice considering long-term costs in energy bills because it provides improved insulation.

Frame Material

Vinyl is one of the most affordable materials for windows. It can be low-maintenance and slightly energy efficient even without upgrades. Aluminum, on the other hand, is stronger and lighter than vinyl. It needs thermal breaks for energy efficiency but is generally more expensive. However, many people find Fibrex® composite material to be the better window framing material. It expands and contracts very little, unlike vinyl that cannot usually take the heat. It also requires minimal maintenance as it will not rot, decay or mold.

Make sure to choose the frame type that suits your needs and style. It is not a good idea to compromise quality for cost today and simply end up reaping poor results down the road, causing you a lot more on repair or replacement.

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