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Top Window Choices for Improving Home Ventilation

When looking for windows, homeowners factor in their color, finish, materials and style. While all these attributes are essential, it’s important not to forget about a window’s functionality. The main purpose of windows is to provide natural light and ventilation, but some styles perform better than others.

In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares the best windows you can install to improve your home’s natural ventilation.

Top Window Choices for Improving Home Ventilation

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows may not be the top-of-mind window options for most consumers. They don’t let as much air in compared to double-hung windows. However, you should take a second look at them as these are the best windows to install for homes with limited space since they don’t protrude when you open them. This enables you to let in natural light and ventilation even with a small space. Their ideal location is along the patio area or walkways where you don’t want any obstructions.

Double-Hung Windows

An experienced window contractor would say that they’ve seen a ton of double-hung windows over the span of their career – and for a good reason. Double hung windows are the go-to choice for most American homes due to their timeless look and excellent ventilation. These windows feature a double-sash design which is the focal point of this window. The bottom sash lets cool air in while the bottom sash pushes warm, stale air out, improving your indoor quality and ventilation.

Bay Windows

Among all of the mentioned styles, bay windows are the largest. These feature three panes attached next to each other in an arc. This style catches the most air as you can open capture breezes coming from two directions simultaneously which is something normal windows can’t do. Also, they allow for a great amount of natural light to enter because of their wide surface area. However, you’ll need sufficient structural support as these windows are considerably heavy.

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