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Top Reasons for Window Replacement Delays

Getting your windows replaced involves managing unpredictable factors that may cause hold-ups. While delays are less likely with full-service replacement window companies like us at Renewal by Andersen®, it helps to know what causes delays so you can be prepared if they do happen.

Top Reasons for Window Replacement Delays

Here are some of the common reasons for project delays.


Weather is the most common cause of delays and the least controllable. Exterior remodeling projects like roof replacement, siding repainting or gutter replacement are often halted because of bad weather. Fortunately, window replacement can still be done even with moderate rainfall, as the windows are removed and replaced one by one. In fact, only when the weather prevents traveling of any kind do we concede. Of course, we will make arrangements to ensure that we stay as close as possible to your original schedule.


Contractors typically have a supply chain that includes manufacturers, logistics companies, and in some cases, subcontractors. A delay in one of these links in the chain can cause a domino effect that trickles down to the contractor, and therefore, the homeowner. This is not a problem for full-service window replacement companies like ourselves, we own all phases of the installation process including our own window manufacturing facilities. All of our installers are Renewal by Andersen employees, which eliminates the need for subcontractors. Owning the entire process gives us tighter control of it, minimizing delays and ensuring consistency.


While most remodeling work requires a building permit, replacing windows does not as long as the windows will not be resized and will be installed by a licensed company. In any case, the contractor is the required signatory on the permit application. We factor in the permit application time as well so you can expect the installation to start as expected.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Certain issues don’t reveal themselves until well into the installation process. One common issue is where parts of the wall insulation may have rotted away and need to be replaced. At Renewal by Andersen, we account for these pre-existing issues into our estimated installation time, so there will be more than enough time for you to personally inspect your new windows.

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