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Top 5 Reasons Sliding Patio Doors Fail

Sliding patio doors allow for smooth operation—most of the time, at least. As with frequently used home components, they may start displaying some issues, making it difficult for you to access your outdoor space. To ensure continued functionality, and to maintain your home’s security, it’s crucial that you learn more about what causes these problems and deal with them promptly. Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island, expert in door and window installation, shares five of the most common reasons sliding patio doors might fail.

1. Grease escaping from bearings. How long the grease for rolling bearings will last is dependent on several external factors. These bearings should be relubricated to offset changes in temperature, load, bearing arrangement, type and speed. This prevents your sliding patio doors from sticking or jamming.

2. Corrosion in the door rollers. Like sliding windows, your gliding patio doors rely on functional rollers for effortless operation. Deteriorating rollers won’t turn properly, hindering the door from opening or closing smoothly. In fact, they may stop the unit from operating entirely.

3. Hair buildup in the bearings. This is a common issue for pet owners. Over time, hair or fur can get caught in the bearings, which may cause the door to stop rolling.

4. Using the wrong lubricant. Sliding patio doors tend to malfunction because the wrong lube was used in the bearings. To avoid adverse friction, which may result in metal fatigue and wear, and to allow for reliable performance, make sure the proper lubricant is used in your sliding patio doors.

5. Sloppy door installation. Are your sliding patio doors falling out of alignment? The problem is probably caused by improper door installation. This not only leads to faulty operation, it can also affect the way your door insulates your home. What’s more, alignment issues may prevent your door unit from locking properly. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a competent door company, like Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island, for the job.

We are not just your go-to choice for high-quality window installation, we’ll handle all your sliding patio door needs, as well. Our contemporary sliding doors are designed for secure and smooth gliding performance, using exclusive dual ball-bearing rollers with self-contained leveling adjusters from Andersen®. With our experienced and professional crew, you’ll also have greater peace of mind knowing we can install your sliding door unit perfectly right the first time.

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