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Tips for Inspecting Your Windows After a Summer Storm

As a general rule, you should inspect your exterior after an extreme weather event. It’s recommended that you start with your windows, as their glass panes can easily be damaged by wind-driven debris. 

Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island, your trusted window replacement contractor, shares tips on inspecting your windows after a summer storm below: 

Summer Storm

Always Prioritize Your Safety

Before going outside to inspect your exterior, make sure there are no immediate safety risks. Keep an eye out for downed power lines and falling trees. Remember: always prioritize your safety. 

Check the Glass Panes for Signs of Storm Damage 

Look for glass shards near the windows, and check if wind-driven debris left dents in the window frame or chipped some off some of the paint. 

Here’s a tip: if you suspect the storm damaged the window’s sealing, shut your windows and doors and light an incense stick near your windows. The incense smoke should drift towards the source of the leak if there is any. 

Try to Wipe Condensation Off the Glass Panes 

Condensation forming in the space between glass panes is a sign your window’s sealing has failed. Manufacturers fill insulated windows with either argon or krypton, two non-toxic gases that prevent heat transfer. If your window’s sealing is damaged, argon and krypton will be able to escape. Moisture will then be able to infiltrate the space between window panes and fog up your windows in the process. 

Should You Have Your Windows Repaired or Replaced? 

If your windows were damaged by the storm, should you have your windows repaired or replaced? It’s more cost-effective to install replacement windows in the long run. That’s because repairs can’t refill the argon and krypton gas and restore your window’s energy efficiency; they can only fix the window’s sealing and prevent the remaining argon and krypton from leaking out. 

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