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The Various Grille Options for Your Patio Doors

When looking for the right patio door design and style, considering how it operates is not enough. Sure you can choose either sliding or hinged French doors based on the amount of space you have, but another important thing you should also look at is your home’s architectural style. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior, your chosen Renewal by Andersen® doors must have matching grille patterns.

The Various Grille Options for Your Patio Doors

Grille Pattern Options

The following are some of the grille patterns Renewal by Andersen® offers:

  • Colonial – This is a popular grille made up of vertical and horizontal lines that form a grid of equal-sized squares. You can choose the number of squares per sash. This rather simple pattern matches the traditional appearance of many Colonial and Cape Cod-style homes.

  • Prairie – Likewise a popular grille pattern, the horizontal and vertical bars are found on all sides of the door, with small square panes in every corner. This gives you a framed feel for your patio doors, leaving the center of the glass area open.

  • Farmhouse – In this grille pattern, two vertical bars connect to a wider horizontal rail at the center of the door.

  • Modified prairie – This is a simpler version of the prairie grille pattern wherein the glass area is even wider, allowing for natural light to enter your home and a better view of the outdoors.

Grille Type Options

When it comes to grille types, Renewal by Andersen® have plenty of options. For a more authentic look, you can choose a full divided light type of grille. They are permanently applied on the door’s interior and exterior, with an aluminum spacer between the glass. You might also select a simulated divided light type. There is no spacer between the glass and you can choose either permanent or removable interior grilles for easier glass cleaning.

To help you select the best grille types and designs for your doors, turn to Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island. Call us at (631) 206-6773 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation or fill out our contact form for us to contact you. We serve residents of Long Island and neighboring areas of New York.


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