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Specialty Windows for Splendid Homes – Part 1: Curves, Arches, and Angles – Getting Started with Specialty Windows

Although they’re far from being the most prominent part of your home, windows have a huge impact on your home’s overall visual style. While you will never go wrong with conventional options like double hung, casement, bay and bow, and sliding windows, you may be looking for something else – something that would truly bring out your home’s unique look and feel, something special. This is where specialty windows come in.

What are specialty windows?

Specialty windows are windows that feature custom-made frames. As such, they don’t always follow standard measurements, and are often used in areas of the home where regular windows don’t work. Specialty windows function just like conventional window options, but a big part of their value comes from the way they look. Because they are available in all shapes or sizes, they work in more than a handful of ways to complement what your home looks like.

Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Specialty windows with curved arches or circular frames have a softer effect on your home, giving your property a more “organic” or “natural” feel to it. If you’re looking to give your home the appearance of height, opting for a taller arched specialty window will do the trick. On the other hand, specialty windows that feature plenty of lines and angles make a window look more dynamic, imparting the same effect on your home.

Some of the curved and arched specialty window styles available to you include chord, circle, circle top, equal leg arch, springline, quarter circle, unequal leg arch, and unequal springline, while angled styles include the triangle, trapezoid, peak pentagon, and octagon. These styles form the basic shapes that specialty windows can follow but they can be further tweaked to meet whatever design preference you might have.

Whether it’s a small window designed to complement other windows in your home or something big enough to be the centerpiece for one of your walls, there’s a specialty window for your home. Get to know your options and you’ll be zeroing in on the right specialty window for you in no time.

Did you know that your choice of color can enhance the effects of a specialty window further? Find out more about that in Part 2 of this blog series.


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