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Questions to Ask During Your Window Replacement Consultation

Your consultation appointment with a window company offers a great opportunity to learn about the options suited to your needs. You may find it overwhelming to process all the information at once. But keep in mind that it’s okay to pause and ask for clarifications when you don’t understand something.

Questions to Ask During Your Window Replacement Consultation

 It also helps to write down some questions about their windows and send these to the company prior to your consultation. This way, both you and the product consultant can be on the same page with regards to the information you’d like to be discussed.

In this article, reputable contractor Renewal By Andersen® of Long Island shares some essential questions you should ask during your window replacement consultation.

1. What Are the Different Window Mechanisms?

Windows have different mechanisms, and each is ideal for varying purposes. For example, tilt-and-turn and double-hung windows are best known for being easy to clean. That’s why these specific types of window appeal to homeowners who want a product that will require little upkeep.

Meanwhile, casement windows are often considered for the level of security they provide. If you want your window to contribute to your energy savings, an energy-efficient or Energy Star®-certified product would be perfect.

2. What Are the Exterior and Interior Finishes?

Choosing the right exterior and interior finishes is crucial in maintaining the harmony of different design elements in your home. However, you should also note that the finish is often determined by the type of installation. A full-frame window replacement, for instance, typically comes with a vinyl brickmold, which serves as an aesthetic border and weather barrier. Meanwhile, for retrofit installations, it’s best to consult with your installer.

3. Can You Break Down and Explain the Fees?

As a general rule, you should always ask your contractor for a detailed written quote. Moreover, you should have them explain what the fees cover and ensure that no hidden fees would be applied. There are particular circumstances when additional fees are acceptable, though — for example, when the installer or consultant is not in a position to determine the window condition.

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