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Q&A: Eliminating Drafts with a Window and Door Replacement

According to, reducing the presence of leaks or drafts in your household will result in big energy savings. That is why you need to address this issue early on to avoid other problems. Perhaps, you are aware that some parts of your home have become sources of drafts but don’t know what to do with them. Two main examples of these are your windows and doors.

Q&A: Eliminating Drafts with a Window and Door Replacement

Let us show how you can solve your draft problem through replacement windows and doors on Long Island. First, let’s talk about drafts.

What are drafts?

Drafts are normally seen and felt during colder months. These happen when cold air enters a room or space. If you have a well-maintained home, you’ll most likely have no problem with leaks. Nevertheless, if you have damaged window or door frames, there’s a big chance that your home will get chilly in cold weather.

What causes drafts?

The cold and wet seasons are inevitable. What you can avoid, however, is the presence of drafts indoors. It’s not enough that you have a well-ventilated household, as you also need durable windows and doors. Otherwise, water and air will leak from the outside. Too much draft indoors can damage your carpet, artwork, and furniture.

What should you do to eliminate drafts?

One way to eliminate drafts effectively is by making sure your home is at its best shape. This means that you need to make sure there are no broken seals on your windows or gaps on your doorframes. These are the usual culprits for the infiltration of drafts. Here, we offer a FREE in-home consultation. You can ask our experts to look at your windows and doors.

How does a window or a door replacement reduce drafts?

Since drafts come from failing doors or windows, replacing them will take care of the problem. Replacing your old door or window will seal the gaps and close the spaces where leaks penetrate. Moreover, replacement windows and doors don’t just take care of the draft problem, as they offer plenty of benefits.

Hopefully, this post encourages you to act now to eliminate drafts in your home. Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island is here to help you with your window and door replacement needs. Our windows, patio, and entry doors on Long Island are made from durable materials. You’ll surely feel the difference when you install our products.

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