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Improving Home Ventilation: 3 Best Window Styles to Consider

Windows keep your living spaces cool and comfortable by letting fresh air into your home. But the fact is that not every window is effective at this–you just need to look at awning or picture windows as an example. So which options are actually best at improving your home’s access to natural ventilation? Renewal by Andersen Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island, the premier replacement windows company in the area, shares three window styles you should consider:

Window Styles

  1. Double-Hung. Gracing millions of homes across the country, double hung windows remain a classic thanks to their neat and simple design, which never looks out of place in any room. They are recognizable by their two operable sashes that can be opened at the same time. The top sash allows warm and stale air to exit your home, while the bottom sash lets in fresher, cooler air. This ensures smooth and continuous airflow in your home, which in turn, helps improve its indoor air quality.

  1. Sliding. When opened, sliding windows create a large opening that proves effective in ventilating any room. They are an excellent option in bedrooms and bath spaces because of this, along with the fact that their design and smooth operation make them ideal for creating egress windows. If you’ve always wanted picture windows, but are wary of their fixed design, you should pick sliding units. With their thin framing and expansive glass, they are basically picture windows that glide on a track. 

  1. Casement. Unlike sash windows, casements are hinged at the sides, meaning they operate by swinging in and out. Like sliding windows, they can create a large opening that lets in fresh and cool air. Their sashes can also be angled to better direct cooling breezes into your home. As a bonus, casement windows create an airtight seal when closed, so you’re sure that valuable heating or cooling energy won’t escape your home.

Windows that offer great natural ventilation are crucial in every home because they prevent warmth and excess moisture from building up. They not only prevent mold and mildew from forming in your living spaces, but ensure they’re kept clean and fresh, as well.

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