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How to Fix Rattling Windows

Rattling windows are annoying at best, and can cost you a few good nights’ sleep. Local replacement windows company Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island takes a look at what makes windows rattle, and how they can be fixed.

Causes of Rattling Windows

Rattling can be a combination of one or more of the following:

Loose Window Glass — This is the most common reason why windows rattle, and is far more likely to happen on traditional single-pane glass. Wind hitting loose glass results in vibrations that make the glass rattle against the sashes or frame, in the case of picture windows.

Loose Sashes — Sashes can become loose either because the hardware that attaches it to the frame has become loose, or the sashes have become warped from exposure to temperature extremes. Windows with sashes made of composite are less likely to warp from temperature changes, and can be a good investment when your windows are up for replacement.

Worn-Out Weatherstripping — Weatherstripping is the strip of rubber or metal that seals the gaps between sashes and frames. This helps prevent air leaks and thermal transfer, both of which contribute to heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. Over time, weatherstripping can get worn out, resulting in gaps that allow vibration.

How to Fix Rattling Windows

Fresh caulk can help secure loose window glass. However, you should keep in mind that this is a temporary fix at best, as the caulk usually gets worn out after several months. Adjustments can be made to the window hardware, however, this does not address warped frames. Weatherstripping can be replaced, but, like caulk, weatherstripping generally does not last as long as the windows themselves.

The best solution to rattling windows is to invest in quality replacement windows. We have described the benefits of composite windows, which is why every Renewal by Andersen replacement window features Fibrex® material. This exclusive composite offers several advantages over conventional window frame materials, including superior stability that helps reduce warping even exposed to climatic extremes. With our replacement windows, you can spend your days—and nights—rattle free.

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