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Do More Window Panes Mean Better Energy Efficiency?

Windows are highly customizable. From colors and styles to designs and features, homeowners have a wide array of options to help them get the perfect window for their home.

Do More Window Panes Mean Better Energy Efficiency?

In this article, trusted window expert Renewal By Andersen® of Long Island discusses energy efficiency in relation to the number of panes. We answer the question “Do more panes result in a more energy-efficient window?” and explain the importance of whole-window performance.

Should I Opt for More Window Panes?

In a window replacement project, choosing the right design for your window is crucial as it can create a domino effect in your home. It can determine the amount of heat and sunlight that enters a room. And, ultimately, it can have an impact on your comfort and energy bills.

When comparing a single-pane window to a double-pane window, double panes are known to have better insulating properties than single panes. This is due to the pocket of air trapped between two sheets of glass, which slows heat transfer and keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Nevertheless, a triple-pane window isn’t necessarily better than a double-pane window. Its added insulation is barely noticeable in extreme climates, but its cost is usually 25-30% higher than the price of a double-pane. With this in mind, it might not be worth investing in a triple-pane window.

What Is “Whole-Window Performance”?

Renewal by Andersen has a deep commitment to providing high-quality and long-lasting window products. The company has been achieving this for several years because it doesn’t only put a premium on one part or feature. It ensures that all individual components of a window contribute to its energy efficiency.

That’s why we encourage customers to look not just at one aspect of a product but consider the whole window performance. At Renewal by Andersen, every window material and every step in the installation process contribute to the overall performance of the product. So when you get a window from us, you are guaranteed to enjoy many years of indoor comfort, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Renewal By Andersen of Long Island provides a range of window types including casement, double-hung and specialty windows among others. Call us at (631) 206-6773 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve residents of Huntington, LI, and the surrounding areas.


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