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Common Window Styles Used for Kitchens

Looking for the right window for your kitchen? According to our team of experts, some window styles are designed to work perfectly well with most kitchens. Here are some of the more popular options according to the leading experts on replacement windows.

Kitchen windows installation

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a simple, hinged mechanism. Some have sashes that open one way, while others can open both outwards and inwards. Casement windows are excellent for providing plenty of ventilation because they can open as wide as their frames would allow.

Double-hung Windows

Windows installation recommends getting double-hung windows if you want versatility. Since there are no sashes that stick out, you can put them over kitchen sinks and other areas where space is limited. You can also slide both panels towards the middle so it creates two openings where air can flow both ways.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are non-operational windows that can be used to complement other window options. This window option is better for areas in the kitchen that only needs natural lighting, usually dry corners that don’t have to be aired out.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are like double-hung windows, except the sashes move horizontally. Since the sashes are supported by the bottom edge of the frame, they can afford to have bigger glass panes that provide a better view of the outside. This is great for kitchens facing a garden or any other open area.

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