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Can Strong Winds Damage Window Seals?

Take a good look at the exterior of a house next to yours. It is fairly easy to determine that windows, from the pop of color to the unique style, are a key element in curb appeal. But it is also important to know that these features prevent outdoor air from flowing into your living space, keeping your home comfortable all year round.

Window Seals Keep Your Home Comfortable

It is the window seal that makes your window unit effective. It creates an airtight barrier between the interior and exterior, keeping your home free from drafts, dust, pollution and even bugs from the outdoors. If your windows are starting to look foggy, this could mean that your window seals have failed. Call a window expert to fix the problem before it leads to more serious issues such as uncomfortable breezes around the house and increased utility bills.

Window Seals Are Not Designed to Last Forever

No matter what climate you live in, the elements will take a toll on your window seals over time. If your home has multi-pane replacement windows, the possibility of heat entering or escaping your home is significantly lessened. However, changes in temperature cause the moisture-less gas trapped between your multi-pane windows to expand or contract. This process is called solar pumping. Over time, it will strain the seals between the panes of glass, causing minor fractures and leaks. This leads to window seal failure and eventually the fog effect you may see between the panes.

Wind Damage Can Affect Window Seals

The main culprit of window seal failure is temperature, but wind can be the death blow if your window seal is already old or highly damaged. You also need to watch out for windblown debris as it can cause damage to the house especially the window seals. Moisture due to high winds during a rainstorm can also get sucked in between panes and cause further deterioration. Overall, wind can be an exacerbating factor in existing damage but is not likely to be the sole cause of window seal failure.

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