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5 Window Cleaning Tricks You Should Know

Clean windows don’t just look good but they can also make your home brighter and fresher. Like doors and all components of your home, they require proper care to stay efficient. Regularly washing your windows can make them last longer and help keep them easy to operate.

Here are window cleaning tricks you should know about.

You Can Use Vinegar

Abrasive cleaning solutions can harm your windows. If you want to use a more natural cleaning solution, you can mix vinegar with equal parts water. Vinegar can remove grease and doesn’t streak, making it ideal for glass cleaning. It is also safer as it’s non-toxic and antibacterial.

It’s Better to Use Two Scrubbers

It would help to have one scrubber for your exterior and another for your interior. This would ensure you don’t bring outdoor pollutants inside your home.

Have Detailing Rags on Hand

Whether you’re cleaning patio doors or windows, always carry two detailing rags with you. Use one for cleaning dirty areas like sills and the other for the edges of the glass.

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You should avoid cleaning your windows under direct sunlight or during sunny days. This is because the heat will make the glass dry faster, causing streaks. When your windows have streaks, you’ll need to clean them again.

Dyer Sheet for Hard Water Spots

Hard water spots are common glass, mirrors and shower doors. If vinegar can’t remove these stains, you can use dryer sheets. They are a great and effective way to remove hard water spots.

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