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5 Tips for Daylighting with Windows

Windows are an integral part of the architecture of your home. More importantly, windows are key components in improving the quality of natural sunlight that comes into your living space. This process is called daylighting — a design strategy that provides useful benefits to homeowners. These include a pleasant and comfortable living environment and increased energy efficiency to reduce utility bills.

Read on as a professional windows and French doors company shares tips on how to improve daylighting with windows.

1. The glazing must transmit light. Dark and reflective glazing usually depreciates the daylighting capacity of your new windows in almost all climates.

2. Consider the color of the windows. As a rule of thumb, light-colored surfaces reflect more sunlight than dark-colored surfaces. Some window contractors offer modern window exterior trim painted with attractive colors, ranging from grey to pine shades. Light-colored interior walls and furniture also help enhance interior light levels.

3. The higher the window, the deeper the daylighting zone. Local home improvement companies specializing in doors and windows say that the practical depth of a daylighted zone is generally 1.5 to 2 times the height of the window. For example, if the standard window and ceiling heights are between 9 to 10 feet (2.7:3m), then plan on sufficient daylight within 20 feet from the window unit.

4. Large windows require more managing. Purchasing larger windows means choosing the glazing and determining shading effectiveness are more crucial. This is to adequately control glare and solar heat gain.

5. Position windows to direct light onto the ceiling. If you have tall ceilings, consider getting high windows for better light distribution. Plus, one way to fit a high window within regular floor-to-floor heights is a sloped ceiling.

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