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4 Signs That You Need New Windows

Keeping your old and inefficient windows can affect your home aesthetically, as well as make your home uncomfortable during summer and winter seasons. If you’re trying to decide whether you should get new windows (and patio doors) for your home, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares the signs that say you should.

1. Your Windows Are Leaking — If rainwater tends to leak through your windows, take a close look and see where the leak is coming from. Water coming through gaps between the sashes and frame indicates failed weatherstripping or misaligned sashes and can be fixed by replacing the weatherstripping or adjusting the window hardware. However, if rainwater is leaking between the frame and wall or moulding, then there’s a good chance the window will have to be replaced.

2. Your Windows Are Drafty — Air leaks through the windows result in drafts. These gaps in the windows and doors are a lot less noticeable, since they are often small enough not to let water in, but are enough to allow cold air to pass through during cold days. Investing in replacement windows with ENERGY STAR® certification can help reduce drafts. Look for the Energy Performance Ratings label, and choose windows with low Air Leakage values.

3. Fabrics Near the Windows Tend to Fade — Ultraviolet (UV) rays from direct sunlight causes fading on fabrics, furniture, and framed artwork. If you notice any such fading, particularly near the windows, you should seriously consider upgrading to windows with low emissivity (Low E) coatings. In addition to helping block UV rays, it also does the same to infrared radiation, or heat from the sun. This technology has proven to be so effective that all Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are equipped with High Performance™ Low-E4® glass as a standard component.

4. You’re Having a Hard Time Cleaning Your Windows — Traditional window designs are difficult to clean. In fact, they can be dangerous when you have to clean upper-story windows from the outside. Old windows also take some work to keep them looking good: the frames have to be scraped and repainted, glass has to be wiped and dried to avoid water spots, and certain areas are difficult to reach.

Renewal by Andersen has incorporated the latest window designs that solve all your window cleaning dilemmas. Our exclusive Fibrex® frames do not require repainting, while our High Performance Low-E4 glass features exterior metal oxide coatings that prevent water spotting. Lastly, our replacement windows feature tiltable, removable or reach-around sashes that facilitate easy and safe cleaning from the indoors.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is your leading provider of replacement windows and patio doors, including French doors. Give us a call at (631) 843-1713 or fill out our contact form. We serve customers in Long Island and nearby areas.


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