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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Window Grilles

Window grilles used to be purely functional. They were used to hold small cuts of glass together inside a window sash because glassmakers then could only make small pieces of glass. Today, factories are capable of making large sheets of glass, but the window grilles remain a decorative element in most homes.

Window grilles are common in traditional-style homes. But some modern, contemporary and other home styles also make use of grilles to provide an accent to their homes. In this post, doors and windows pro Renewal by Andersen of Long Island shares what you should avoid when shopping for window grilles.

1. Selecting inferior grilles to save on money– Choosing grilles made of flimsy materials that cannot stand up to changing temperatures will cost you more in the long run since you need to replace them more often than you should.

2. Getting the color wrong– The color of the window grille must match your window frame. As much as possible, it must match other elements of your home like your French doors.

3. Choosing the wrong thickness of window grilles– Excessively thick grilles for a small window may obstruct the view from the window.

4. Choosing a grille pattern that does not match the style and other elements of the house– Most grille patterns can match the style of your home, whether its colonial, prairie, modern or contemporary.

Skip the guesswork when it comes to choosing the right window grilles and doors for your home. Trust only Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. Our experts will guide you through the different patterns and colors that will work best for your home. We also offer different grille types like removable interior grilles, between the glass grille, and more. We also offer patio doors and specialty windows.

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