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4 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Windows

The materials used in constructing window frames are surprisingly sustainable. It’s almost a waste to just throw out your old window frame when you can make something of it. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares a couple of creative ways you can reuse old windows after your next windows installation project.

4 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Windows

A Bedroom Detail

The window frame makes a great bedroom detail that you can affix on the walls of your bedroom, especially as a decorative set piece at the back of your bed. The grilles that once separated the glass can be used as miniature picture frames or as small borders to showcase artwork.

Room Divider

You can also suspend your collection of old windows from the ceiling using chains and turn them into a rustic room divider. While you can mix and match different window shapes and sizes, old sliding windows are perhaps the best choice due to the larger glass area it has.

Now you can get rid of the glass, especially if it’s already old and worn out, but we suggest you leave the window glass intact and bare if you plan to divide the space. That way, the glass can reflect the sunlight coming from your new windows and help increase the visual space even as it divides the room.

Window Pot Rack

Remove the glass from an old window and you turn it into dividing muntins that can serve as pot racks. You then suspend the window-turned-pot rack from the kitchen ceiling with simple plant hooks or chains. Depending on the size of the window frame, you can install this over the range or a kitchen island.

Message Board

Make your house more organized by reusing an old window and turning it into a message board. For this one, you’ll want to replace the old glass with similarly sized chalkboards or a corkboard panel. Once that’s done, all you really need to do is repaint or refinish the old frame and place it in either your kitchen or home office.

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