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3 Tips to Avoid Window Replacement Scams

You need to be careful when shopping for your window replacement project. It’s easy to be drawn to service and product deals that promise to save you money. Unfortunately, some deals are just too good to be true. Falling into scams and misleading sales tactics can delay and ruin your home improvement project. To help you shop smarter for your replacement windows, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island lists tips on how you can avoid window replacement scams.

Window Replacement

1. Avoid “Best Price Is Only Valid Today” Tactic

This kind of manipulative sales tactic is a red flag that is commonly ignored. They will pressure you into buying the service or the product by insisting that the “best” price they are offering you is only valid in a short amount of time. It’s important to do a background check about the company and its promo. Usually, a reliable company will not be running a promo in just a day without a big campaign about the said promo.

2. Be Careful of “Buy Some Get Some Free”

Don’t fall for the “buy some get some free” sales tactic that is commonly used. When shopping for windows, double-check the prices and compare them to other sellers. Most of the time, they mark up the windows, making you pay for the supposedly “free” item. For your windows installation, it’s best to find a local contractor that can help you find a reputable window provider. 

3. Don’t Fall for Bait and Switch

Watch out for these misleading offers that will make you pay for more than what you ask for. They usually start the offer by promising to do exactly what you need and then changing it afterward. To avoid this kind of scam, it’s important to have a written agreement before they start with your window replacement project.

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