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Warp-free Windows with Fibrex® Frames

Window warping is one of the most common causes of window problems. A warped window can be difficult to operate because of friction, and gaps along the frame can compromise your window’s waterproofing and insulating capabilities. Fortunately, you can have warp-free windows if you choose replacement windows with Fibrex® frames.

Warp-free Windows

What is Fibrex?

Fibrex is a high-quality window frame material that is composed of durable polymers reinforced with cellulose-based fibers. As a result, this frame combines the strengths of vinyl windows and wood windows while also getting rid of either option’s greatest weaknesses.

Minimal Thermal Distortion

Thermal distortion refers to the window’s ability to resist getting distorted by constant expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperatures. This problem is especially common in common vinyl and metal frame options. Window replacement experts say that Fibrex frame windows are significantly less likely to suffer from thermal distortion even several years after it was installed.

Better Water Resistance

Although Fibrex frame windows are durable like wood frames, they are not vulnerable to prolonged exposure to moisture. This means that Fibrex frame windows are immune to rot and swelling that plagues most wood frame window options. This also helps lower the amount of maintenance needed to keep your new windows in good shape.

Better Durability

A Fibrex frame window is less likely to crack like wood frame windows while still being sturdy enough to resist getting dented by impact damage. This balance between structural strength and flexibility makes Fibrex frame windows more capable of surviving hail storms and damage caused by windborne debris. Fibrex also works well for specialty windows because the improved structural strength is more suitable for non-standard frame dimensions.

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