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The Reason Behind Warped Wood and Vinyl Windows

Windows play an integral role in the energy efficiency and curb appeal of a home. However, they have a particular weakness: warping. It is a common form of damage usually seen in wood and vinyl windows. It is characterized by the framing material bending and creating large and unsightly gaps, ruining the windows’ appearance and functionality. 

Wood and Vinyl Windows

At Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island, we understand how important your windows are for your home. Read on as we explain the common causes of warped windows and how you can fix the problem. 

What Causes Your Windows to Warp?

One reason behind warped windows is moisture damage. Wood windows absorb moisture and retain it, causing rotting and warping. This also leads to stress, which then forces the windows to shrink and expand when exposed to extreme temperatures. Take note that the longer the moisture is retained, the more permanent the shrinkage and expansion become. 

In addition to moisture, excessive heat may also cause warping, especially in vinyl window frames. Due to the heat from the sun, the material becomes softer and malleable. As such, the pressure from the locking mechanisms at the top and bottom bend inward. When the material cools down, the window bows in the middle. 

Warped windows can negatively impact your home’s appearance, functionality and energy efficiency. The resulting gaps between the window sash and frame cause outdoor air to enter your home and let heated and cooled air out. Not only that, but warped windows make it difficult to open and close your windows as they don’t properly fit within the window frame. 

How Can You Fix Warped Windows?

When it comes to warped windows, you have two options: repair or replace. To repair warped windows, you need to fill the gaps with extra weatherstripping. This prevents indoor air from escaping your home. However, repairing warped windows may only solve the problem temporarily. 

The best solution is to replace your damaged windows. To ensure you eliminate warping once and for all, Fibrex® windows are your best choice. Fibrex is Renewal by Andersen’s patented PVC-wood composite material. Unlike wood and vinyl windows, Fibrex windows do not warp, sag or bow due to excessive moisture or heat. Fibrex also stands up better against heat distortion than does vinyl.

To learn more about Fibrex windows and their numerous advantages, give Renewal by Andersen of Long Island a call today at (855) 728-1756 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We’re proud to serve homeowners in and around Long Island.


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