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FAQs About Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient replacement windows are in demand nowadays. As a homeowner, it pays to learn more about them and what benefits they may have for your home. In this post, trusted window contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island gives us a list of FAQs about energy-efficient windows. 

Energy-Efficient Windows

It helps when you are properly informed before a home improvement project. You will have more knowledge about the installation process and how to properly maintain them. Learning about energy-efficient windows will give you the time to properly think about investing in them. This will also prepare you for what to expect. 

1. Q. What is insulated glass?

A. The glass in the windows is not insulated. The term refers to how the panes of glass are separated by insulation. They are separated at the edges and have air in the center. This is what makes it possible for the windows to provide thermal efficiency.

2. Q. What is a gas-filled window?

A. Advancements in window technology have made it possible to seal an inert gas between the panes of glass. The manufacturers usually use argon gas because it’s a better insulator than air. This helps increase the thermal value of your window. In today’s modern window technology, fixed or sliding windows can be filled with gas.

3. Q. What is Low-E glass?

A. The term Low-E means low emittance. Energy-efficient windows have glasses that are coated with a virtually clear material. This blocks the transmission of ultraviolet rays from outside. It prevents the damage that ultraviolet rays cause to interior furnishings. Low-E windows are so insulated that it also saves you from overworking your HVAC system, saving you money in the long run.

4. Q. What is the difference between R-value and U-value?

A. U-value measures the heat transfer through the window. Meanwhile, R-value measures the heat-resistance of the window. Higher R-value means better-insulated windows, while a lower U-value means that the window keeps out heat and cold.

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