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6 Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Windows

You’re worried that your windows are getting old and drafty. But it’s not always easy to assess if they need repair or replacement.  In this post, window replacement Renewal by Andersen of Long Island lists six signs that you need to replace your windows.

Replace Your Windows
  1. The appearance of condensation between your window panes means your window seal has tampered. It is highly advised to replace your windows. Moisture inside the glass panes is not easy to fix. 
  1. Drafts are noticeable signs of aging windows. Drafty windows leak the comfortable air inside your home. Increased energy bills is a tell-tale sign of a drafty and leaky window. Preserve your heating and cooling system by replacing your windows. This will save you energy and money in the long run. 
  1. If your windows absorb heat or cold very easily, your window is most likely poorly insulated. Single pane only offers minimum protection. Upgrading your windows with well-insulated replacement windows will prevent. 
  1. Regularly check on your window frames for any sign of damage. A small crack in your window frame seems like small damage. However, it’s important to prevent the crack from spreading and causing further damage. Make sure to fix small cracks as soon as you notice them. If the crack continues to spread, window replacement may be needed.
  1. Cracked and damaged window panes are a bigger problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Cracked window panes may cause bigger issues for your home’s energy efficiency. 
  1. If your windows are already old and outdated, it may be affecting the façade and value of your home. Window replacement is an instant boost in appeal. 

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