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How Does Cold Weather Affect Doors and Windows?

As thrilling as winter activities may be, the cold, frosty weather has an undeniable effect on your home’s doors and windows. It is important to learn some of the most common door and window issues that you may encounter during the winter season so you can head them off in a timely manner.

Cold Weather

Shrinking and Warping

Both temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of certain building materials, particularly wood. This means your wooden door and window frames can shrink due to extreme cold and begin to warp in extreme humidity. That being said, it is crucial to treat wood with protective paint or coating.

Ice Buildup

Ice tends to form in gaps and spaces between doors and windows and the frames they are installed in, making proper weatherstripping crucial for the efficiency of your exterior features. If warm, moisture-filled air escapes through these openings, it will freeze once it comes in contact with the chilly air outside. This can make patio doors, double-hung windows, specialty windows and more difficult to operate.


Condensation is not always as alarming as it appears to be. In fact, condensation on your windows is usually a telltale sign that your windows are energy-efficient enough to protect your home from heat loss. If you want to reduce the amount of condensation, simply minimize the sources of humidity in your home by turning on the exhaust fan while showering and opening a window while cooking. If you notice condensation between panes of a double- or triple-pane window, call a professional to check for leaks so they can address the issue right away.

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