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Gas Fills: Why They’re in the Glass

The doors and windows in your home are as energy-efficient as possible due to the inert gas placed inside the glass. These are more commonly known as gas fills and are used to improve the thermal efficiency, and in turn, the energy efficiency of the window and door.

Gas Fills: Why They’re in the Glass

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares everything you need to know about these gas fills.

Gas Fills

Argon and Krypton are the two most commonly used gas fills. These special gases are viscous and slow-moving gases to allow less convection than ordinary air. Specifically, they minimize convective currents within the window and effectively reduce the transfer of heat across its surface.

Argon is the most commonly used gas used in many windows and even patio doors. It’s a non-toxic, inert, clear and odorless and comprises less than 1% of the atmosphere. It’s the preferred gas fill because its thermal conductivity is 67% that of air and is relatively inexpensive.

Krypton is the alternative and shares many qualities with its fellow noble gas. It is, however, a better insulator but is more expensive to produce. More often than not, krypton is mixed with other gases like oxygen as a compromise between performance and cost. The usual mix is krypton-argon, krypton-xenon and krypton-nitrogen.

Understanding Gas Leaks

The gas in the windows or doors will eventually leak over time and is a natural consequence of aging materials. There are some instances where the gas will leak due to outside forces. High exposure to sunlight and weather conditions can damage the frame and glass, which could cause a leak in the gas.

These gases are fairly harmless, but they shouldn’t be ignored. When the gas in your window or door glazing starts to leak, you want to replace the glass as soon as possible.

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