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FibrexⓇ: The Building Material of the Future

Since 1903, Renewal by Andersen®  has been changing the game in the replacement window industry. As they continue to innovate, they’ve became the world’s largest specialized window frame factory, producing products from window walls to double-hung windows.

Fibrex Building Material

One of of the company’s most impressive innovations was Fibrex®. Is it really the building material of the future? Find out as we discuss its manufacturing process.

The Process

Unlike other materials, Fibrex is built without needing to use more wood. In fact, since Renewal by Andersen started manufacturing it, 90 million board feet of lumber have been saved. This was made possible by reusing small pieces of wood that came from manufacturing millions of wood windows yearly. These pieces of wood are reclaimed and repurposed, resulting in wood fibers mixed in with a proprietary polymer to create the composite material.

Both components are then heated to extract moisture. After these two components are combined, a new compound is born. By undergoing this process, they eliminate undesirable characteristics and merge their best ones. Finally, pressure is applied to the liquid polymer allowing them to align and bind together. What is more, it can be made out into any shape making it the best medium in fabricating replacement windows.

The Product

With an intricate manufacturing process, you can only expect the best from Fibrex. It will not rot, fade, peel, flake and blister. Additionally, it can withstand extreme weather conditions and meets California’s indoor air quality code.

Yet again, Renewal by Andersen revolutionized the window industry with a durable, energy efficient, and environmentally smart material. With its ability to repel moisture and twice the strength of vinyl, homeowners need not worry about replacing their windows for a long time.

To learn more about Fibrex and the best window replacement options around, just give Renewal by Andersen of Long Island a call today at (631) 206-6773. We serve Long Island and the surrounding areas.


"I was very impressed with Renewal by Andersen. They showed up in time and we received several follow up phone calls as the installation was being done as well as the sales representative stopping by to check in on the installation. The delivery/ installer was very professional. I would highly recommend Renewal By Andersen."

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