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How You Can Winterize Your Windows and Doors

Now that the winter season has arrived, many homeowners are preparing to keep their homes warm in the winter. There are plenty of ways one can do this; for instance, you can improve your attic’s insulation or have your home’s furnace maintained. Aside from these, you should also consider winterizing your windows and French doors.

Winterize Your Windows and Doors

Here are the different ways you can do so:

Add a Storm Door

If you install a storm door in front of your home’s entry door, you can instantly add extra protection for your home during the harsh winter weather. This is because storm doors usually act as a secondary barrier that can help minimize the amount of airflow that can reach your exterior door.

Apply Caulking or Weatherstripping

On the other hand, if adding a storm door isn’t an option for you, you can always apply caulking or weatherstripping to your doors as well as your windows. By applying these two to your doors and windows, you can seal any holes and cracks in the material, which in turn can prevent hot air from escaping your home. However, keep in mind that applying caulking or weatherstripping can be a complicated process and as such, you should hire a professional to help you get the job done.

Use a Draft Guard

Finally, you can also consider adding a draft guard to the bottom of your doors when trying to winterize it. By doing so, you can prevent hot air from escaping your home and making it cold and uncomfortable. If you can’t purchase a draft guard, here’s a quick hack: roll up a towel and place it neatly at the door’s base for a comparable effect.

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