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3 Signs You Need to Get a New Patio Door

Patio doors are a great home addition as they illuminate your home and add to its appeal. However, like your windows, they will eventually reach the end of their lifespan and require replacement. Keep in mind that inefficient patio doors can make your home uncomfortable and increase your energy bills.

Here are signs you need to get a new patio door. 

Gaps Around Your Door

Extreme temperature changes can cause the frame or sash of your door to warp. Improper installation can also result in this problem. When there are gaps between the door and the frame, you may need to get a new one for safety and insulation. If water enters your home through the door when it’s raining, it’s also a sign that the unit needs to be replaced. 

Higher Energy Bills 

Aging or deteriorating patio doors will allow drafts into your home, affecting your comfort and increasing your utility bills. During summer, these doors can cause conditioned air to escape, resulting in higher cooling costs. Walk toward your patio door and see if there’s a noticeable change in temperature. If there is, you should definitely consider getting a replacement. 

Fog Between the Panes

When the seal of the glass panes of your door has been compromised, air and moisture will get in between the panes. This means that the glass has lost its energy efficiency. Doors with this problem will need to be replaced entirely. When your patio door has broken or cracked glass, the more you need to replace it. 

When it’s time for new patio doors, turn to Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island. Our team also installs specialty windows in a wide range of colors, finishes and hardware options. Call us (631) 843-1713 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We work with clients in Huntington.


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