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3 Factors That Affect Patio Door Performance

Patio doors can significantly improve several aspects of your home, so it only follows that you want to keep it in its best shape. Several factors have an effect on long-term patio door performance, which you should consider if you’re planning on buying new ones. Today, we’ll give you a closer look at what these factors are:

3 Factors That Affect Patio Door Performance

Patio Door Glass

Patio doors are mostly made of glass, which is the first consideration when buying patio doors. Glass isn’t affected by normal outside temperatures; what you should look out for are the glass packages being offered. Being a naturally conductive material, single-pane patio door glass would be a virtual freeway for heat transfer, which can increase your energy consumption.

What you want is a double-pane assembly. A two-pane assembly, separated by a non-conducting spacer, eliminates contact between interior and exterior spaces, minimizing conduction and, by extension, energy efficiency. This has proven to be so effective that all Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows and patio doors come standard with double-pane High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass packages.

Frame Materials

The choice of frame materials can make a big difference. Traditional door materials such as wood require work from a good craftsman to ensure quality frames that do not warp, crack or bend from temperature changes. The wood that we use for our traditional French doors are carefully selected for grain and strength and then protected with a vinyl sheath. Synthetic materials are an option, but should be crafted by experts to avoid problems caused by changes in outside temperature.


Quality installation is a critical, yet overlooked, factor, but even the best patio doors fail with subpar installation procedures. The area between the frames and the wall opening is important; the patio doors need to be properly anchored and require an airtight seal to avoid heat leaks. Renewal by Andersen considers installation so important that our Transferable Limited Warranty includes a two-year installation coverage.

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